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Frederik de Merodestraat 29, 2800 Mechelen (Antwerpen)
Tel: +32 486 165767, Fax: , BTW-nr: -
My name is Nele Waelbers and I am a storyteller. I was born 32 years ago in
a tiny little town called Bree. I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought. As a child, I wrote self-made stories and scribbled my thoughts in a diary.

After high school, I studied political sciences & journalism and sharpened my pen with clear essays, critical articles and slightly eccentric reportages.

In the past, I have been a editor-in-chief, communication manager and copywriter for various big companies. But I wanted more and in 2009 I took my first steps as a freelancer.

Currently, I live in mechelen, a city between Antwerp & Brussels. Mostly I write from home, but you can also find me at Sister Bean or some other cosy coffee place in the city. Indulge me with writing jobs and I will surely live happily ever after...

Oh yes, and I blog too: http://blog.scribelle.be
copywriting (long & short), translations (English, French &
German), SEO & SEA, conversation management / social media, online communication
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